Christmas in Paris: the city of lights at its best!

38439a7d4ca0e64adbc57af283c7014bParis will always be Paris, in spite of all the attacks she may suffer. And Christmas is a time for peace and celebration. And this year, just like every year, Paris has dressed with its lights and the traditional markets, activities for all and puts everything on pause for just a short welcome while.






The Christmas markets

The traditional markets convey the Christmas spirit and quite a few have popped up this year in Paris. mercadoparis3Arts and crafts, Christmas decorations, party items, local products, all in the wooden cabins. Original gift ideas, some extra culinary product to add to your menu or just a stroll with the kids to enjoy the atmosphere. Not to mention that along with the cabins and candies, merry-go-rounds are there to make the kids happy!

Furthermore, some of the markets will go green! Plastic bags will be replaced by organic solutions. Cups will be made out of organic material and the lights will be leds!

The Champs-Elysées market

Until the 4th of January. Everyday from 10 to 11pm. Fridays and Saturdays until midnight.

Avenue des Champs Elysées, 8e – Métro : line 1, Champs Elysées Clemenceau

Arche de la Défense market

Until Saturday the 27th December.
Open everyday from 11 to 8pm. Saturday until 9pm.

Métro : line 1, esplanade de la Défense

Santa’s village in Saint Germain des Près – 6e
Métro : ligne 4, Saint Germain des Près

The Abbesses market in the 18th

Place des Abbesses until 31st December
From 10 to 8:30pm. Saturdays and Sundays until 10pm.
Métro : line 12, Abbesses

illum chps elyilluminations_champs_elysees






The Christmas illuminations

One of the must-see in Paris during Christmas. Well, it’s not as if you could really miss it. It’s all over the place! Every single fountain, building, metro station, street, shop, all illuminated!

The Champs-Elysées will be dressed in lights until Wednesday the 7th January, from 5pm to 2am and all night on the 31st.. A surprise awaits the 300 trees of the beautiful avenue for the nights of the 24th and 31st.


The Christmas shop windows

Every window tells a story. That is how it goes in Paris. If you pay attention, you will see that shop tenants make a great deal of their windows during Christmas time. Every year, the department stores carry on with their tale telling. Galeries Lafayette and Printemps deploy treasures of imagination in placing their windows. This year, they could not escape the Star Wars craziness, that’s a fact. But not only. That’s for you to discover.

Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, both located on 40 Boulevard Haussmann317459_vitrines-de-noel-des-grands-magasins

Take advantage of being at the Galeries Lafayette to pop in and admire their 25-meter huge Christmas tree which has this time, decided to hang from the beautiful “Coupole”. It’s quite amazing! Every hour, an ephemeral theatre gets to life for a “lights and sound” show.




5 of the Parisian neighborhoods will remain open on Sundays for the last minute Christmas shopping!

Kids will be also enjoying the party! Why not take them for some skating in one of the several ice-skating rinks of Paris?!

The famous skating rink of the Hôtel de Ville is back placed on its parvis from Friday the 19th of December to the 1st of March 2016. From Monday to Friday, from 12am to 10pm. Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays from 9am to 10pm.

The access to the skating rink is free, however you will have to rent to ice skates for 5€. Be aware that personal skates are not allowed. Gloves are mandatory. Some sled chairs are available for the little ones. The skating rink might close according to the weather.

tour eiffel patinoire

The skating rink of the Eiffel Tower is back after some renovation time. Kids and adults will love this! How could it feel to be ice-skating on a rink 57 meter high with a stunning view over Paris?! Quite extraordinary, right?

Until the 15th February.

The rink is free, however, there is still an entrance fee to go up the Tower.

3 euros (stare access for kids), 5 euros (stare access for kids 12-25 yo), 7 euros (stare access adults)

From 10:30 am to 10:30pm every day.


The skating rink of the “ jardin d’acclimatation”. Surrounded by Christmas trees and illuminations, 400m² of ice welcome kids and parents for some fun.

From 10 to 8pm until the 3rd of January. (except the 2nd of December)

Skate rink and skates: 7 €

172435-la-grande-roue-de-la-concorde-a-paris-2The big wheel! As usual, i twill be standing in the Place de la Concorde until the 15th of February. Open every day from 11am to midnight.

Sitting at 65 meter high, you will benefit from the best view ever over Paris and its illuminations!

Adults 10 € / Kids under 10: 5 €

Finally lets not forget the the Christmas holidays are also a good moment to enjoy some of the best shows and exhibitions in town!

For some good musicals: Cats, Jules Verne’s extraordinary trip, King Arthur… are only a few.

Some some good exhibitions: Picasso at the Grand Palais, Warhol Unlimited at the Museum of Modern Art, Fragonard at the museum of Luxembourg and the brand new museum of natural history.




Meet the women behind the cake!

cookiesWhen arriving in your room at Hôtel de la Porte Dorée, we want to make sure you will feel at home! And we have therefore decided to make it “homy” by setting up a little table with some welcome gifts: a nice bottled recycled water, tea and cookies. And these are not just random cookies, there are baked with love by a lovely women that we think you should meet!

Her name is Melanie and we have gone to her and asked her more! Check out the interview! (and more importantly, the pictures of her cakes!!)

How and when was Gateaux Mama born?

Gâteaux Mama was « born » in early 2011. I started baking when I was young but did not really get into baking until I lived in San Francisco. It started out as therapy – I was the Human Resources Director of a large convention hotel in San Francisco and at times, the job could be pretty intense. Baking was how I worked out my stress and sharing the desserts became a way to bond with the employees. I baked every week for a different department and by the time I left the hotel, I had the baking bug. After I left the hotel (and before moving to Paris), I sold my baked goods at my local coffee shop for about 6 months. My brownies got me a lot of free cable car rides from our conductors who were regulars at the café.

Moving to Paris changed the way that I baked. I became a better baker. My colleagues at the agency I worked at were my guinea pigs and they did not hesitate to give me their feedback. As a result, I finessed my recipes and adapted them more for French tastes. I also began to explore different flavor profiles and eventually started to try my hand at bread making.

Friends and colleagues who have tasted my baking told me that I should either go on “Le Meilleure Pâtissier” (or whatever the baking show here is called) or start my own business. After leaving my agency job mid-2014, I decided to take a leap of faith and here I am.

grown up

Could you explain exactly what Gateaux Mama does? I know this question seems a bit stupid. Ok it’s a cake story, but how does it work exactly?

I make American-style cakes for French tastes. I believe in keeping things simple, using fresh ingredients, experimenting with new flavor profiles, and making people happy with my cakes. My specialty is cakes but I do not discriminate. I will bake anything as long as it appeals to me.

I have recently started delving in the savory world but always with a tieback to baking, so think savory madeleines, biscotti, and quick breads.


Do you cook from home and then sell the cakes for specific orders such as birthdays, weddings, corporate stuff? Do you mostly work with private clients or with companies? Do you organize special events?

At the moment, since I am starting out, I do most of my baking at home. I will be moving to a professional kitchen in the next weeks as business starts to pick up again in the spring.

I have done cakes (and other types of baked goods) for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

I work with companies and private clients. Right now, I would say it’s about 50/50 between both types. I also work on special events every once in a while. I have catered private parties and I co-host a monthly event called Tea & Tipples in partnership with the Chamber ( It is usually held the last Saturday of each month and it is an afternoon of wonderful craft cocktails and nibbles made by yours truly.


What was your biggest challenge with creating this company?

The biggest challenge is working on my own (it’s also the best thing about creating this company). I am used to working in office environments where there is a lot of collaboration involved and also a lot of background noise. Now, I work mostly solo and with classic 70s & 80s music playing in the background. Most of the time it works but it does get lonely sometimes.


What is the bigger picture for Gateaux Mama? What would like it to become?

I want to be your weekend tradition. I want my cake to be your breakfast treat on a Sunday morning – whether you call me up to deliver it to you or eventually come to my tea shop/bakery. In a few years time, I would like to have a small shop where I can sell my goods and where people come to hang out to read, work, or just chat with me while eating a slice of my homemade cake.


If you would be interested in Melanie’s cakes for your private reception, your kid’s birthday, your own birthday, or any kind of celebration, please feel free to contact her!



LOVING PARIS in the fall!

Fall is synonymous with the beginning of the new school year, and in Paris, it is characterized by a real culture and festive buzz. The capital kicks off the new academic year at full speed and is full of surprises and energy! And the least we can say, is that Paris is not lacking of activities for the coming fall!

First of all, why not enjoy the very simple pleasure of walking around the parks of the city. They show off their most beautiful colors and the light that shines through Paris at this moment of year is absolutely dazzling.

tuileries automnevincennes automne


One of the most awaited events of the fall is, the Journées du patrimoine, the 19th and the 20th of September. The historical monuments open their doors to the public for free. No less than 16 000 sites will participate to the event. Why not take advantage of this and go to visit the presidential palace, l’Elysée (you won’t be the only ones however!), he hotel de ville, or less well-know and close to the hotel, the Château de Vincennes.

FIACFor the art lovers and collectors, fall is also hosting the FIAC : International fair of Contemporary Art, from the 22nd to the 25th of October 2015. During several days, the Grand Palais, the Cour Carrée (within the quarters of the Louvre) and the Tuileries parc, will be taken by this huge artistic and commercial fair, where Museum directors, collectors and major names from the sector, meet and make business.

One other cultural landmark of the season is the intriguing: Nuit blanche which will be held on the 3rd of October. During one night , culture will take over the city’s squares, museums, schools and other public sites. They will be open for free, from nightfall till morning. nuit blanche

Finally, lets not forget to mention all the exhibitions of the fall in Paris. Fall is usually quite a busy period for temporary exhibitions and all the museums have their hit. It would be impossible to list them all but here are a few:

Picassomania at the Grand Palais : it shows the confrontation between contemporary artists since the 60s with Picasso’s work.

« Fragonard amoureux » (Fragonard in love) at the Musée du Luxembourg : more than 80 pieces of work : paintings, sketches, illustrations, from the XVIII century, the one of seduction, love and intrigue.

scorceseMartin Scorcese at the Cinémathèque Française from 14th of October to 14th February 2016. Exhibition and retrospective.


Andy Warhol at the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris : it presents more than 200 pieces of work from the Pop Art master showing the serial dimension of his work, such as Shadows. warhol

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun at the Grand Palais : a very nice retrospective for this painter, great portraitist who managed to become Marie-Antoinettes’s offical painter and earn her seat among the biggests.

jp laffontPhoto exhibition from Jean-Pierre Laffont – « Tumultueuse Amérique » goes thourgh 30 years of American political, social and cultural history. At the Maison Européennes de Photographie.

« Osiris, mystère engloutis d’Egypte » at the Institut du monde arabe : 250 objects found thanks to submarine searches overtaken by archeologist Franck Goddio near Alexandrie. Many pieces were identified as being related to the mystery of Osiris.


How can me even mention art and Paris and the fall without talking about music ! When summer and its festivals are over, there comes the great concerts’ season (and still a few late festivals hoping for an indian summer) !

Electronic Music will be all over Paris during the week from the 19th to the 26th of September, for the Paris Electronic Week. Very good programming indeed and events to be found all over town. Check it out here: 

The PITCHFORK FESTIVAL will be held from 29th to 31st of October 15 at the Grande Halle de la PITCHFORKVillette, Paris 19th arrondissement. It’s the biggest festival Indie Rock / pop et electro ! Big names such as Laurent Garnier , Thom Yorke or Bjork !


In the vicinity of the hotel, you have of course the Parc Omnisport de Paris Bercy which usually welcomes all the great international artists performing in Paris. U2 from 10 to 15th of November 15 ; The Scorpions on the 24th of November, Johnny Hallyday from the 27th to the 29th November or Madona the 9th and the 10th of December.

Distributed in all the other venues, you can spot Deep Purple at the zénith on the 11th of November, as well as Marilyn Manson or the Gipsy Kings. At Olympia, Dee Dee Bridgewater will perform on the 23rd of September.MANSON

Hey, let’s not forget the beautiful Cinematic Orchestra live at the trianon, on the 23rd of November !

For a more jazzy sound, you will have to head to the New Morning.

All the programmes are to be checked on the following : / /



BEAUJOLAISBeaujolais nouveau has arrived ! And it is always a good excuse to party ! Most bars and cafés will be celebrating the new harvest and that will be on the 20th of November.

Wine amateurs can also head to the Porte de Versailles where will be held the Salon des Vignerons from the 26 to the 30th of November. More than thousand wines open to wine testing… Drink moderately… of course !

Let’s stay in the wine spirit and go to the famous Bal des Vendanges de la Butte Montmartre on the 11th of October from 3pm to 8pm. Yes, it’s not a myth, right in the heart of Paris, on the Butte Montmartre, you still have grapewines and they are being harvested and celebrated every year! 66 rue du Maréchal Leclerc, Paris 18.

vendanges montmartre

The foire d’Automne will happen from the 23rd to the 1st of November at the parc des expositions of the Porte de Versailles. You can jump in the Tramway right next to the hotel and i twill take you directly there! Deco, gastronomy, craft and well-being products, it’s all there! For the whole family!

Last but not least, for sports lovers? The Paris-Bercy Tennis Masters will start on the second week of November at the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy.




Again this year, Paris i shaving a lot to offer during the summer : culture, parties, terrasses and cocktails ! It would be impossible to list them all but we have made a little selection for you!

And you happen to be with your kids, no worries, they will be kept busy!


Lpestacles15es Pestacles : fom the 30th of June to 23rd of September at the Parc Floral de Paris ! Our dynamic neighbor!

Concerts, danse shows, urban arts, circus and more, all happening in the beautiful Parc Floral. The entire programme is to be found on the dedicated website below;

The nice thing is that kids are actors and spectator at the same time, hence getting them involved in a very interactive play!

As always, the unmissable event for kids during all Paris summers is, Paris Plages ! paris plage logo

From the 20th of July until the 23rd of August 2015.

A farm, archeology, From the Nil to the Seine with the Louvre Museum, the Cafézoide and its ludothèque, tales workshops, a reading corner, a comics corner, a kids bas, merry-go-round.

Yes, there is matter to keep them busy ! Also, “for kids” does not mean adults will not have a good time!

tuileriesLa fêtes foraine des tuileries !

It happens only during the summer so now is the time ! This fun fair settles for 2 months in the heart of the Tuileries gardens, until the end of August. You can’t miss it!


La Cité des enfants à la cité des sciences et de l’industrie Paris 19. (City of science and industry in Paris 19th arrondissement)

As always, the concept remains to develop kid’s awareness and open their minds and curiosity while learning! Activities are adapted to different ages. For more information, please visit their website below:

Les jardins d’été du quai Branly, du 3 juillet au 30 août.

Family treasure hunt, workshops, tales, you should certainly be able to find something to make your kids happy. Moreover, the nice secluded garden of the Quai Branly is worth the discovery.

!! It’s too hot out ? How about going to the movies ?

petit princeThe cinema version of the famous novel « Le petit Prince » will be in theatres as of the 29th of July ! A nice opportunity to share this classic with your children.



Last but not least, do not forget the essential classics in Paris: Theatre des Guignols au jardin du Luxembourg or the Jardin d’acclimatation !



In addition to all the activities listed above which will, for some of them, be suitable for you as well, there are also countless things to do during the summer in Paris…. For adults! Parties, festivals, cute terraces etc.

All the streets come alive and stir as soon as the sun shows up and there will not be one café without a buzzing terrace! Summer cocktails, local exhibitions, street shows, all around! Just open your eyes and live it!

It would be utterly impossible to make an exhaustive list but here a few things :

Music with the festival Rock En Seine, unmissable if you are an music amateur as all the scenes flyer rock en seine 15and styles will be represented. It takes place from the 28th to the 30th of August 2015 in the Domaine National de Saint Cloud, in the West of Paris.

The Chemical Brothers, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, The Offsprings, Alt-J and so many more!

Check the line up here :

flyer solistes bagatelleIf you crave for something more classical, the festival « Les Solistes à Bagatelle », will take place from the 29th of August to the 13th of September. For the past 15 years, it has been the festival for classical music and it will make you discover some of the young European virtuosos. It is more piano oriented however.

Open air cinema

Gardens, fresh air and movies ?! It is totally possible ! No less then 2 open air cinemas are to be placed in the city.

Le Cinéma au clair de lune organised by the forum des images de Paris, will run from the 28th of July until the 30th of August. 9 movies will be screened in different arrondissements, one of which being the 12th ! Lucky!

The 30th of July 2015, the French film with Jean Gabin, « Ne touchez pas au Grisbi », will be screened in the Reuilly garden.

The most well known of the Parisian open air cinemas remains the « cinéma en plein air de la villette »  with a wide selection of films. It runs from the 22nd of July to the 23rd of August.

Program to check on :

cinema villette

Enjoy Paris otherwise ? It’s possible with the vedettes de Paris which will take you around the Seine for an unforgettable moment, especially if the weather is nice ! It will give you a rare opportunity to see all those famous monuments from another point of view.

Port de Suffren, 75007 Paris – +33 1 44 18 19 50

bateau seine

Paris would not be Paris without all the terraces that come alive during the summer time. To really get a grip of the atmosphere, you have to hang around a few of these along with a Spritz!

Also, they do pop up during the summer as well : the rooftops offering the most beautiful views of the city !

The Perchoir, the rooftop of the BHV Marais, or of the famous Mama Shelter hotel, or the « 7th ciel » of the l’hôtel Terrasse, you will enjoy a drink while taking a peek at all the life below.


In the very close to the hotel neighborhood, do not forget to try the Wanderlust, an interesting venue litteraly sitting on the river and proposing several “decks of culture” : temporary exhibitions, open air clubbing on the lower deck and its own rooftop with its bar, the Nuba. To be checked, definitely!

nubacafe de la vie romantique

Back on solid ground, why not venture to the cute little terrasse of the Café du

musée de la vie romantique ? hidden from the street and quiet, it is, as it name suggests, romantic.

16 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris – +33 1 55 31 95 67

Finally, summer does not mean that culture ris dead ! A welcome break from the city heat, can be found in the museums. Go for the Germaine Krull exhib at the Jeu de Paume, or the great Mona Hatoum exhib at the Centre Geroges Pompidou.

Not to be missed : artist Mona Hatoum, born in Beyrouth in 1952, now living in London, shows for the first time in France a selection of her work done between 1983 and 1994. Beautiful and moving… from 8th June to 12th september.

mona hatoum



Cette année encore, l’été à Paris s’annonce plein de culture, de sorties, de terrasses et de cocktails ! Une petite sélection de tout ce que la ville aura à vous offrir cet été !

Et si vous passez l’été à Paris, avec vos enfants, pas d’inquiétudes, ils seront occupés !


Les Pestacles : du 30 juin au 23 septembre au Parc Floral de Paris ! pestacles15

Le voisin incontournable de l’hôtel !

Concerts en tout genre, spectacle de danse et d’arts de rue, cirque et parcours découverte au sein du très beau Parc Floral. Tout le programme est sur le site internet dédié, ci-dessous :

Les enfants sont tout autant spectateur qu’acteur dans le jeu des performances, qui sont accompagnées par des animations pédagogiques.

paris plage logoLe rendez-vous incontournable de l’été avec ses enfants, Paris Plages ! Se tient du 20 juillet au 23 août 2015.

La Ferme à la plage, Archéologie à la plage, De la Seine au Nil avec le Louvre, le Cafézoide et sa ludothèque, un Atelier de contes, un coin lecture, une BDthèque, Le bal des enfants, le manège des enfants etc.

Vous l’aurez compris, il y a de quoi de faire ! Et puis les adultes aussi paris plagepasseront un bon moment car la plage de Paris n’est pas réservée qu’aux enfants, bien au contraire !

tuileriesLa fêtes foraine des tuileries !

Et oui, c’est le moment ! Cette fête foraine éphémère pose ses stands à partir du début de l’été et jusqu’à la fin août ! A l’entrée du jardin des tuileries !


La Cité des enfants à la cité des sciences et de l’industrie Paris 19.

Fidèle à son concept initial de contribuer au développement des enfants, éveiller leur curiosité et les préparer aux futurs apprentissages en leur donnant l’occasion de vivre des situations d’exploration riches, variées et adaptées à leur âge.

Les jardins d’été du quai Branly, du 3 juillet au 30 août.

Jeu de piste en famille, ateliers d’initiation, contes, vous trouverez certainement votre bonheur ainsi que celui de votre progéniture au sein du joli jardin abrité par le musée du quai Branly.

petit princeIl fait trop chaud ? Une petite soirée ciné ! Ce 29 juillet sort l’adaptation cinématographique du « Petit Prince ». C’est l’occasion rêvée de faire découvrir ce classique de la littérature philosophique aux enfants ! Un dessin animé accessible pour petits et grands.


Sans oublier les classiques incontournables tels que le Théatre des Guignols au jardin du Luxembourg ou le Jardin d’acclimatation !



Outre toutes les activités ci-dessus qui, certes, occuperont vos enfants, mais sont également des moments agréables pour les parents, Paris propose toutes sortes de fêtes, festivals, activités et jolies terrasses durant l’été !

Les rues s’animent dès l’apparition des beaux jours et les terrasses foisonnent avec leur lot de cocktails d’été, de bières et de spectacles extérieurs !

Il serait impossible de tous les recenser, mais voici une petite sélection :

flyer rock en seine 15Musique avec le festival Rock En Seine, rendez-vous incontournable pour les amateurs de grandes scènes musicales. Il se tient du 28 au 30 août 2015 cette année et se tient, comme à son habitude, au Domaine National de Saint Cloud, dans l’ouest parisien.

The Chemical Brothers, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, The Offsprings, Alt-J et bien d’autres! Tous les genres musicaux sont représentés, chacun avec sa faune!

Programme ici :

Dans un registre plus classique, le festival Les Solistes à Bagatelle, du 29 août flyer solistes bagatelle

au 13 septembre, propose de la musique classique et se tient depuis déjà 15 ans.

Il met en lumièreles jeunes virtuoses européens tout en privilégiant une programmation axée sur le répertoire de piano.

Cinéma en plein air.

Envie de prendre le frais tout en se faisant une toile ? C’est possible ! Paris n’est pas en reste pour ce qui est des cinémas de plein air !

Le Cinéma au clair de lune organisé par le forum des images de Paris, se tiendra du 28 juillet au 30 août. 9 projections seront à retrouver dans les quartiers de Paris et notamment juste à côté de l’hôtel, Paris 12ème.

Le 30 juillet 2015 sera projeté sur la pelouse de Reuilly, un polar français, avec Jean Gabin : « Ne touchez pas au Grisbi ».

Mais le plus connu reste le cinéma en plein air de la villette avec une sélection de films incroyable. L’évènement court sur un mois du 22 juillet au 23 août. Programme à consulter :

cinema villette

Voir Paris autrement ? C’est possible avec les vedettes de Paris qui effectuent des balades sur la Seine et vous permettent de profiter d’un autre point de vue sur les principaux monuments de Paris. Et avec le beau temps, ce serait dommage de ne pas en profiter… !

bateau seine

Port de Suffren, 75007 Paris – +33 1 44 18 19 50

Enfin, pour vraiment apprécier l’atmosphère de l’été parisien, il faut en passer une partie en terrasse ! Et des terrasses, il y en a à foison.

Pourquoi ne pas essayer un des nombreux rooftops qui s’ouvre chaque année pour offrir une vue splendide sur les toits et les monuments parisiens ?

Que ce soit le Perchoir, le rooftop du BHV Marais, celui de l’hôtel le Mama Shelter ou encore le 7th ciel de l’hôtel Terrasse, vous pourrez apprécier un verre avec un point de vue.

perchoir nuba

Dans le quartier voisin de l’hôtel, pensez à faire un tour au Wanderlust , lieux multiculturel et multifonctions, posé sur la Seine, avec des expositions temporaires, un club en plein air, et son propre rooftop, le Nuba.

Plus terre à terre, la jolie terrasse du Café du musée de la vie romantique, offre une jolie escapade de la rue pour siroter un Spritz !

16 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris – +33 1 55 31 95 67 cafe de la vie romantique

Enfin, last but not least, la vie culturel ne s’arrête pas pendant l’été, bien au contraire ! Si vraiment il fait trop chaud, une petite expo photo au jeu de paume avec l’expo de Germaine Krull, ou une retraite au centre Georges Pompidou pour voir l’expo Mona Hatoum, peuvent s’avérer salutaire !

A ne pas rater : l’artiste Mona Hatoum, née à Beyrouth en 1952 et vivant à Londres depuis 1975. Elle présente pour la première fois en France, une sélection de ses œuvres datant de 1983 à 1994. L’exposition retrace sur une période de onze années le parcours de cette artiste dont l’œuvre est arrivée à maturité. Magnifique et bouleversant… => 8 juin au 12 septembre

mona hatoum