Bois de Vincennes, the Lake & Ile de Reuilly

Vincennes Lake

The French vacation a lot, much more than Americans. In fact, it is very difficult to make a date with anyone in this city during the entire month of August. Parisians are off being tourists in the south of France, namely the French Riviera. When they can’t, they go to Vincennes. A five-minute walk from the Hotel de la Pore Doree is the Bois de Vincennes (the Vincennes Forest). This is where Parisians go to jog, swim, bike or best of all, relax. There are bike trails, walking trails, picnic areas abound and boat rentals. You can spend the whole day here and feel like you are vacationing in a Monet painting. And the best part, on one of the island in the lake, Ile de Reuilly, you can find the restaurant, Chalet des Iles, complete with lounge chairs and a terrace for sunbathing. You’ll feel like you are on the French Riviera, yet still walking distance from the most beautiful city in the world.