Michael Jackson brought back to life by Cirque du Soleil, in Paris!

  The Cirque du Soleil pays tribute do Michael Jackson and his musical legacy, with an        incredible and magical show, The Immortal World Tour !


With a good mix of visuals, dance, music and fantasy, the Cirque du Soleil, brings the artist back to life and immerses the audience in the power and musical genius of the artist. Lifelong fans or first Michael experience, the show will make you live or re-live his intense live performances!


The Immortal Tour takes place in a fantastical realm where we discover Michael’s inspiration and the wellspring of his creativity. The secrets of the artist’s inner world are unlocked—his love of music and dance, fairy tale and magic.


Check out the preview below!


Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy – Tickets can be booked via link below:


Thursday 4th of April 2013 at 8pm

Friday 5th at 8pm

Saturday 6th at 3pm and 8pm

Sunday the 7th at 5pm