A nice little indian restaurant near by!

We have discovered this cute hidden Indian restaurant in the 12th, at walking distance from the hotel! It’s actually a client who told us about it, so we went to try it and weren’t disappointed. The food is delicious and the menu has a very wide variety of choices. It’s perfect for vegetarians too, as they offer a selection of vegetarian dishes!
The owner is absolutely adorable with always a cute story to tell.

Furthermore, they have menus for all budgets!
Plus no need to call, it’s open 7days a week for lunch and dinner!

12 rue du Docteur Goujon
75012 Paris
Tel: 01 43 42 02 02

Hotel de la Porte Doree in GLOBAL GRASSHOPPER article!!

Hôtel de la Porte Dorée got the global Grasshopper’s attention for their article “10 of the best budget hotels in Paris”
Global Grasshopper is a travel blog and resource for independently minded global travellers.

At Global Grasshopper they like discovering places away from the usual tourist haunts and quirky hotels. Their site is the product of all their favourite things.
Global Grasshopper is currently ranked 18th of all travel blogs in the world on the Invesp list.
They also rank No.1 in Google for many competitive travel related keywords.

Hotel the la Porte Dorée won their votes their votes! Here’s the article! “10 of the best budget hotels in Paris”
Anyone who has been to Paris, knows that it deserves its reputation for being one of the most expensive cites in the world. It’s also not easy to find a decent hotel that won’t blow your budget. Although this will hardly put visitors off. People will always be drawn here for the city’s beauty and romantic reputation – especially around Valentines Day. For those travellers without deep pockets, here is our pick for 10 of the best budget hotels in Paris.

5. Hotel de la Porte Doree
For a true taste of nostalgic Paris try the beautiful Hotel de la Porte. It’s an excellent value (and very popular) boutique hotel located only a few blocks from the Bois de Vincennes and within walking distance to the local metro. Homely, well run with an elegant classic French decor, this kind of styling is much sort after but becoming increasingly harder to find in the capital. Being on the outer edges of the city you’ll also feel much less of a tourist – it’s positioned in a true Parisian neighbourhood, surrounded by traditional flower, vegetable and butcher shops.


Hôtel de la Porte Dorée Paris has gone up one step into the hotels classification by gaining a third star, a few weeks ago!

When, more than ten years ago, the current owners of hotel de la porte doree decide to take over the hotel, it was difficult to imagine what it would become! Indeed, the hotel was not in good shape at the time. The challenge is huge and from then, starts some prodigious renovation work! The hotel modernized but kept all the charm and delicious attributes of the typical Parisian buildings!

The hotel turned into this gorgeous cute charming hotel, where you feel like home! Furthermore, to make things even better, it has developed a environmental programme making it a full part of sustainable tourism. Green key label came to confirm the hotel’s implication in its environmental engagement!

And now, the hotel has just gone three stars, proof that the hotel has taken up the challenge and succeeded!


L’hôtel de la porte dorée confirms its position of green hotel by obtaining the GREEN KEY label!

The Green Key is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation. It is a voluntary label based on a set of rigorous criteria decided at the international level. An independent jury awards the label for one year.

Choosing a Green Key awarded accommodation is the guarantee of staying in an environmentally friendly accommodation and at the same time an encouragement for the rest of the tourism sector to implement greener practices.
The hotel respects the environment and the preservation of our natural ressources: water, energy, waste, cleaning products etc.

The hotel has been implicated a long time in an ecological approach. It has put in place some simple things such as recycling, saving water and energy and offering a breakfast with fair trade products.

We thank all our clients for being environment friendly and helping us saving our planet!

The Garde Républicaine near the hotel!

Hôtel de la porte dorée residents have had the chance to watch the garde républicaine parade through the avenue Daumesnil ! It was probably heading towards the Bois de Vincennes where it operates sometimes for security missions.
Watch the video!

Garde Republicaine VIDEO

The Garde Republicaine is the biggest horse formation in the world and the last horse unit of the French army.
It possesses 462 horses (gelding or mare), among which more than 90% is French breed. The horses are arranged by their robe according to a strict formation layout.

It’s main mission is to ensure the security of the high authorities (president, prime minister, ministries, Senat and the National assembly) The “Garde républicaine” has other missions such as keeping order in the woods surrounding Paris (like the Bois de Vincennes) or during big events. Occasionally they patrol in the streets of Paris.