Parc Floral

The Parc Floral in Vincennes is a botanical garden as well as an enormous conference hall. But this isn’t just the place to go if you are a botanist or a conference go-er, although the park does boast over 650 different irises and five different convention halls, one over 100,000 sq feet.

No, there is much more than that: a 12,000-seat concert hall, a valley of flowers, including poppies, tulips, roses and pansies, an exposition hall, a series of pond gardens with water lilies and lotuses, and finally from spring to august you can see some 40 species of butterflies at the Jardin de Papillon (Butterfly garden). And for children, there is an excellent playground with swings, slides, ping-pong, a mini golf course, and a little train tour. The number 46 bus picks you up right in front of the Hotel de la Porte Doree and drops you at the Parc Floral in about five minutes. Perfect for youngsters who want to run around!

Currently the Parc Floral is hosting Paris’s Jazz Festival. What’s better than listening to jazz in a garden paradise in the middle of Paris? Maybe 650 different species of iris.