They are absolutely essential to us, to our lives, to nature. Their presence is a sign of (relative) health of our planet. So maintaining them, protecting them, is saving our planet. Our life is linked to theirs. They maintain our biodiversity. They garanty 35% of the quantity of our food supply and 65% of food diversity depends on pollination.

Unfortunately, their annual mortality is 30%. Lets work on that !

Paris is becoming more and more involved into keeping apiaries in the city. Yes, Paris now has more than300 apiaries! The city has become a sanctuary for bees! Temperatures are higher, the plantations are more diverse and are usually pesticide free. Plantations are all over the place: in publics parcs, on balconies, gardens etc.

In Paris, one can find apiaries eveywhere ! In public gardens such as the Luxembourg or Georges Brassens, in the surrounding woods of Boulogne and Vincennes (about 50 apiaries!), but also on roofs like to roof of the Opéra Garnier, company buildings, or city halls.

The apiaries are taken care of by associations which have signed an agreement with the Ville de Paris.

And… at the end of Septembre, you will be able to go to the HONEY FESTIVAL in the Luxembourg parc and the Geroges Brassens parc. The Luxembourg’s apiary was created in 1856 by visionary Henri Hamet. You can buy honey and visit exhibitions, all about bees, preservation and honey making !


Go for it! All the money goes back to the bees!