The Bercy parc – a sweet place to roam

Access : métro Cour Saint-Émilion – the name of the metro reminds of the past wine production which took place here.


The bercy parc used to be wine cellars ! A wine storehouse and rails are still visible. Bercy Parc is 14 acres wide and was, at the XII century, the headquarters of lordship, than became a rich family property. In 1845, the domain was split in two with fortifications and than dismantled. The neighborhood got transformed into a wide wine storehouse, served by the Seine river where all the wine from Bourgongne arrived. Disused in seventies, the warehouses are abandonned for a few years until the neighborhood got completely renovated.

On the surface of the cobbled streets, one can still see some of the local history : used markers, railway sections or wine storehouse. There is also a magnificent white house of the last century surrounded by plane trees. Nice little colorful detail : the remains of a castle, now overtaken by the kids ! The kitchen garden and the vine is a little reminder of the trades which used to take place on the Seine river banks !


The parc opened in 1994 and is composed of three disctinct gardens :

The « romantic garden » with ponds and fish. The romantic garden continues on the other side of the road that you can reach thanks to the footbridge. There is also a cute lake with an island in the middle. You will also see the « house of the lake » which holds exhibitions on nature, gardens in Paris.

The « parterres » are garden dedicated to gardening activities : kitchen gardens open to students, shaped designed bushes, flowers etc. The parterres also have a beautiful rose garden.

The « prairies » are huge shady lawns where one can sit for a picnic, or a ball game with kids. There is also a free access roller parc located between the big staircases and the Bercy even center.