The Garde Républicaine near the hotel!

Hôtel de la porte dorée residents have had the chance to watch the garde républicaine parade through the avenue Daumesnil ! It was probably heading towards the Bois de Vincennes where it operates sometimes for security missions.
Watch the video!

Garde Republicaine VIDEO

The Garde Republicaine is the biggest horse formation in the world and the last horse unit of the French army.
It possesses 462 horses (gelding or mare), among which more than 90% is French breed. The horses are arranged by their robe according to a strict formation layout.

It’s main mission is to ensure the security of the high authorities (president, prime minister, ministries, Senat and the National assembly) The “Garde républicaine” has other missions such as keeping order in the woods surrounding Paris (like the Bois de Vincennes) or during big events. Occasionally they patrol in the streets of Paris.