Velib and transportation around Paris

One of the best new additions to Paris isn’t a restaurant or hotel or even a clothing store (gasp), but a brand new way to get around! It’s called a bicycle! And they are all over Paris. These things have two wheels and a seat and you can drive them all over for the low, low price of 1 shiny euro a day. Introducing Velib, short for Velo Libre or Free bike, the best way to get around Paris since the metro. But, with Velib you can actually see Paris as you get from one destination to the next, you are not trapped 50 feet below ground in a car with a bunch of strangers. With the Velib, you are free to feel the wind of Paris in your hair. And you can work off some of those croissants.

There are over 1400 velib stations all over Paris, you can pick up the bike at any one of the velib stations and return it anywhere you want. Be sure to return the bike after 30 minutes and pick up another one if you want to only pay one euro a day. The price becomes exponentially higher the longer you have the bike out. This is designed to keep the bikes in circulation and not tied to a fence somewhere.