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  • 联系婴儿临时照看者
  • 提供婴儿床
  • 连通房
  • 婴儿监视器
  • 儿童玩具篮
  • 尿布垫
  • 高脚凳
  • 急救箱
  • 不会提供少儿不宜的色情频道
  • 提供尿布和湿纸巾
  • 游戏围栏
  • 泡沫握手形卡门板
  • 马桶加高座椅/坐便椅
  • 婴儿推车停车位
  • 沙箱/秋千/室外游乐场(500 米范围内)
  • 提供 10 多本书
  • 一台折叠式婴儿车
  • 硅胶勺
  • 洗洁精
  • 儿童餐具和/或硬塑料碟
  • 防踢睡袍
  • 可拆卸式滑动婴儿椅套
  • 奶瓶
  • 温奶器
  • 浴座或塑料婴儿浴盆,以及洗澡玩具
  • 可调桌
  • 温度调节龙头或浴用温度计
  • 家具的各角均加装了泡沫护角
  • 插座盖
  • 安全窗

Out of respect for our enviroment and it's ressources, the majority of our breakfast products are fair trade and organic.

A gluten free breakfast can be proposed to you on demand.

Having a large family ourselves we know that meals represent a large budget when travelling. This is why we have decided to offer breakfast for free for children under 10 when they accompany you to breakfast.

Did you already know that the best way to visit a city is by bike?

This is why our hotel offers you the possibility of traveling Paris on a bike and strolling through the streets of the city. It is comfortable and economical.

Our team will be at your service to assist you in your bike renting.

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10 € half day

18 € the day