Guest book

What they liked about the hotel

Near the metro. I.V. Jul 13, 2018
Superbly clean, rooms were spotless.. The hotel was quiet, the room temperature was comfortable (air conditioning was much appreciated), and the bed linens/pillows were fantastic.. Quiet neighborhood that was a nice reprieve from the bustling tourist spots. The metro, being only steps away, was very convenient. Z.C. Jul 12, 2018
At tube station. P.K. Jul 8, 2018
Generally clean. A.E. Jul 7, 2018
Air conditioning. E.J.K. Jul 4, 2018

What they liked about the staff

The people working at the front desk were wonderful and were very accommodating. Z.C. Jul 12, 2018
Always ready to help and friendly. P.K. Jul 8, 2018
Very efficient reception. E.J.K. Jul 4, 2018
Very nice and caring girl with glasses. A.L. Jul 3, 2018
Very friendly and welcoming. S.K. Jul 3, 2018

What they liked about the breakfast

Many Bio-Products. A.J. Jul 21, 2018
Very rich with variety. Great!. P.K. Jul 8, 2018
Lots of organic products, good choice also for vegans like me :-) Thank you for the soy milk and nut spreads!. N.O. Jul 3, 2018
The fresh flowers on the tables the bread and wonderful soft herb cheese fresh yoghurt and fresh fruit. M.R. Jul 1, 2018
Organic, dairy and gluten free options were outstanding. Great selection. A massive improvement on the standard continental breakfast. Staff were great and tested ( taught us !) our french pronunciation every morning. M.K. Jun 25, 2018

What they liked about the WIFI

I was glad it worked - thank you!. N.O. Jul 3, 2018
Always available. M.K. Jun 25, 2018
Speed is fairly good. P.L. Jun 18, 2018
Very good connection. Super fast. M.E. May 29, 2018
Fast- even on the 4 th floor. M.C. May 28, 2018

What they liked about our child-friendly services

My granddaughter enjoyed her stay she is 11. M.R. Jul 1, 2018
Enough room for 3 people. B.A.S.H. May 22, 2018
Books, toys and toilet seat. Thank you! These details are so important when traveling with a child. Specially when traveling overseas. J.S. May 13, 2018
My daughter fell in love with all of Paris. S.T. Apr 14, 2018
It aws great for children with the toys. R.A. Apr 11, 2018

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Standard Single Room

Coffee and tea maker in the room. A.V. Aug 14, 2017
Helpful reception desk. Nothing to complain about. A.P. Aug 5, 2017
The quality of the bed and sheets. Bottle of water, coffee en tea, tv etc. A.D. Aug 4, 2017
De double room was perfect the single room. V.V. Jul 3, 2017
The receptionists constantly went the extra mile to help in every way possible. They were so friendly that they became my friends. The bed was very comfortable. I'm glad you have an ice machine!. R.S. May 11, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Standard Double Room

Safe, glass bottled water, kettle, and suggestions for local services and amenities.. BBC1 & 2 TV channels, clean and comfortable room, not being interrupted at any time for routine servicing of the room. C.T. Aug 19, 2017
Tea making facilities. H.M. Aug 15, 2017
Loved the view f err om the open window. C.J. Aug 14, 2017
Guide book; water in re-usable bottle. How quick check-in is; politeness of staff; cosy feel of hotel. R.D. Aug 12, 2017
Beautiful clean rooms. T.C. Jul 29, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Superior Double Room

Cookies and water!. Bathroom was very new and a nice size!. M.C. Aug 16, 2017
Great location, next to Metro and Bois de Vincennes. Quiet, not full of tourists, yet plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., nearby. D.D. Aug 4, 2017
The cold water available in the lobby all day and evening. The newspaper in English available in the lobby. It was a nice sitting area.. Spotlessly clean, modern, renovated bathroom. Shower was clean and water pressure was full. Daily cleaning service well done. Slippers. J.C. Jul 29, 2017
The tea and coffee making facilities were well designed and easy to use. The plug adaptor was a very good addition. Thoughtful to add the ear plugs in case of noise disturbance, though we did not need them.. The decoration was smart and the room was very well cleaned. A.S. Jul 27, 2017
The room was everything we had hoped for. M.C. Jul 25, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Superior Twin Room

Good wifi, good breakfast. Bed, coffee, shower. A.V. Aug 16, 2017
I liked we could make tea and coffee, we could use the fridge if we needed to as well. K.B. Aug 6, 2017
Great and it was lovely having air conditioning too. P.L. Aug 5, 2017
Tea making facilities comfy beds. C.K. Jul 22, 2017
Quiet ambience and attention to details. J.M. Jul 22, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Exclusive Double Room

All the staff were great!. The front desk was always helpful and attentive. D.M. Aug 13, 2017
Cleanliness, bed very comfortable, size of the room. M.H. Aug 10, 2017
The room was beautifully appointed, and the cookies were delicious!. V.M. Jul 29, 2017
Space and clean. E.V. Jul 24, 2017
Clean and tidy. Nice touches. Comfortable bed, duvet and pillows. Nice bathroom. M.N. Jun 30, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Exclusive Triple Room

The location and decoration of the hotel. Helpfulness of staff. Cleanliness of the room. N.M. Aug 10, 2017
Nice beds, very clean. A.W. Aug 1, 2017
The lovely appointments. R.S. Jul 30, 2017
Loved the water. Loved having breakfast onsite. Elevator after a LONG day/night of site seeing. Beds were great! Bathroom great! the water was a wonderful surprise! We loved the glass containers. C.W. Jul 28, 2017
Water, coffee maker. M.M. Jul 25, 2017