Guest book

What they liked about the hotel

Just up the steps from the metro station. C.P. Feb 15, 2017
Clean rooms everyday. The bed was really comfotable. Close to a Metro stop. T.M. Feb 7, 2017
Proximity to metro station and park. R.S.M. Feb 4, 2017
The eco-friendly policy of the hotel.. The cosiness of the atmosphere, and the Parisian charm about it.. Metro and tram at a stone's throw, very convenient. E.L. Jan 31, 2017
Near the Circus Festival. B.N. Jan 31, 2017

What they liked about the staff

A very warm welcome from a gentleman with a beard. He continued to be friendly and helpful throughout our stay. R.N. Feb 18, 2017
I like the friendly and warm welcome, when I arrive.. I like the friendly and warm welcome, when I arrive. O.S. Feb 17, 2017
Polite and efficient reception night staff. Very friendly, efficient and helpful reception staff. Breakfast staff also polite and efficient. R.S.M. Feb 4, 2017
The kindness of the staff. E.L. Jan 31, 2017
The day and night staff were extremely friendly and helpful whenever we had questions. J.S. Jan 23, 2017

What they liked about the breakfast

A good, varied breakfast. Bread and pastries particularly good. R.S.M. Feb 4, 2017
The choice, fresh products, good coffee - and some products are organic. The breakfast room is nice too. E.L. Jan 31, 2017
Coffee machine was wonderful! All the food was fresh and tasty. J.S. Jan 23, 2017
One young female staff member was particularly friendly, helpful and extremely efficient, constantly replacing all breakfast items. Breakfast was way better the days she was in charge of the kitchen. G.G. Jan 21, 2017
Friendly staff and wide selection, fresh fruit and good coffee. R.O. Jan 9, 2017

What they liked about the WIFI

Easy to use and a strong conenction. J.S. Jan 23, 2017
Signal was not perfect, but pretty strong in the room 28. There were no disconnections. S.D. Jan 10, 2017
When we are at room next to the reception the wifi was very good. L.B. Dec 8, 2016
For a hotel to provide free wifi is rare and an added bonus. M.G. Oct 17, 2016
Decent speed, login was valid the entire stay, didn't need to validate access every time I went online. D.Z. Oct 17, 2016

What they liked about our child-friendly services

There were books in the room, I liked that. F.D. Nov 9, 2016
Toys, dvds, diapers. H.S. Oct 24, 2016
All staff showed interest in my daughter (13) She felt seen and inspired to learn French :-). S.L.M. Oct 9, 2016
LOVED the basket of toys for the kids in the room and the little table and chair in the lobby. C.N. Jun 15, 2016
Toys in room. D.R. Oct 16, 2015

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Standard Single Room

Cleanliness and decor. Café et cookies. V.B. Feb 18, 2017
Single room was sufficiently large. C.P. Feb 15, 2017
Small room for 1 p but everything is there. Coffee machine and water, bed: OK. G.L. Nov 13, 2016
The room was clean and I enjoyed the complimentary water.. Loved the ice machine and the breakfast room was nice. J.M. Oct 4, 2016
Having a kettle, tea and coffee making facilities. Having a lift up to the room Very good bed. C.H. Sep 4, 2016

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Standard Double Room

Comfy bed. nice and clean. J.G. Feb 18, 2017
They are super romantic and good comfort!. S.D. Feb 18, 2017
It is a beautiful cosy place. S.A. Feb 12, 2017
The equipment, the staff was very friendly. M.H. Feb 8, 2017
The commitment to the environment.. The tea and coffee facilities as well as water. T.M. Feb 7, 2017

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Superior Double Room

Breakfast, tea boiler, the room itself. F.P. Feb 9, 2017
Coffee, tea, water, cookies were really good, also the products in the bathroom (shower gel, etc.). K.P. Jan 4, 2017
Decor,cleanliness,everything needed was available. D.G. Dec 28, 2016
Style of the room. Safe in the room, drinks available. S.C. Dec 11, 2016
The bed it is so comfortable. L.B. Dec 8, 2016

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Superior Twin Room

Coffee making facilities, lovely beds and bedding. Loved towels and robes. J.C. Feb 9, 2017
The room was very comfortable and spacious. The decor throughout the hotel was beautiful and the facilties very good. We were glad of the lift (because of the many stairs) and were able (just) to move our luggage in the smallest lift we have ever used. G.P. Dec 28, 2016
The quality of the rooms. I love the biological / veggie and even vegan options!. L.B. Dec 25, 2016
We liked the room, nicely decorated, beds comfortable, nice TV and bathroom, bathrobes a nice touch. Nice Tv, coffee maker ,. P.L. Dec 4, 2016
Good restaurants near hotel. E.C. Nov 21, 2016

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Exclusive Double Room

Room was lovely and well decorated and always very clean. N.R. Feb 15, 2017
The room was lovely as always and the breakfast was wonderful!. J.S. Jan 23, 2017
Bathroom amenities were great and cleaning staff was attentive, making sure we never ran out of tea. :). Bedding was superb, so was the towel rack - crucial to a long stay!. G.G. Jan 21, 2017
Clean, comfort, comfortable bed, good breakfast, helpful staff. Tisanas, breakfast in our room, water in room. B.M. Jan 10, 2017
Bed was excellent, bathroom spacious, everything clean & beautiful. H.S. Oct 24, 2016

Ce qu'ils en ont aimé dans la Exclusive Triple Room

The silence and comfort. E.N. Jan 10, 2017
Friendly and efficient. M.E. Nov 4, 2016
Linen and bed. S.G. Oct 31, 2016
Room was great. D.K.L. Aug 11, 2016
Nicely decorated rooms, comfortable beds, great details, clean and spacious bathroom. M.F. Jul 8, 2016